Thursday, April 9, 2009

Every Little Bit Counts

You never know how many folks will come out and volunteer. For everyone who has worked in the restaurant business, you know when a party makes a reservation and the party tells you they will have between 10 and 20 people that means 7 people are coming to the party. Well it applies to every field, but you should never pass judgment on a party based on their size, you never know how much you'll get out of them.

We had two amazing volunteers out a couple of weeks ago from Vanderbilt's Synergy program. It was a pleasure working with all of them. We got a ton done, and it was good to give all of our attention to just a few people. We were doing all the same things we usually do, lay card board and drip tape, but the two kids were really into it so it made it so much more enjoyable. Regular NUH volunteers should take note!

Check out this great video they made.

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