Monday, April 27, 2009

The Church of Latter Day Saints

I always think that when you start talking about the weather in a conversation it has officially ended, but where did spring go? Despite the heat wave we had a great time with the volunteers from The Church of Latter Day Saints. Hands On Nashville was there again too and we were glad to have them. This past weekend we were bombarded with weeds so that was number one on the list despite the over grown tomatoes that needed to be planted also.

We concentrated on the front bed where the horseradish was planted a couple of years ago. The weeds had gotten away from us and we decided that we should dig them up and plant asparagus. For anyone that does not know this is a big undertaking for us because this means that we will remain behind the Standard Motor Parts lot for at least 2 years because that is how long it takes for you to get a harvest. I guess that old saying good things come to those who wait really holds true again in this situation. It also applies to the hops we have planted that are coming up in force. After we weeded the bed we dug down a little and discovered a very hard concrete underneath the topsoil and decided not to plant there. We did however plant flowers and other beneficials that will look great in a couple of months.

Sarah led a crew in the back planting tomatoes and pounding t-post in our fresh beds. We actually got to use our own transplants this time despite the size. We planted Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, and Moschovich. We don't have any small varieties in yet. For one, we aren't big on romas because they are too hard to peel when canning and secondly the sun golds aren't ready to be transplanted and they are really just candy anyways.

Our friend JJ came by too. He is a CSA shareholder that didn't get to be in it last year. It was great to see he and his little brother little sister out for an hour. The kids were so excited to be out. It was too bad Stella wasn't there to play with them. It would have been nice because I didn't feel that I gave them the attention they deserved. It is very hectic trying to manage 20+ volunteers. JJ is a great person and if anyone hasn't seen his 12 Minutes to X-mas spectacular you should check it out this next season.

After everything was done at the farm. Hugh Hansen and I went to pick up a couple of hay bales that my landlord had leftover from the winter. We needed them badly for our cucumbers so that they wouldn't cook under the row cover. They may keep the weeds out but in this heat they will wilt in no time sitting on a black surface. This will have to be put off for this week. Thanks again for everyone who came out.

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