Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Woad! What Happened to My Wire Cutters?

We had a great day with the college kids from David Lipscomb on Monday. At first, I thought they were not coming but they had gotten mixed up with the address and were found by Sarah at a church on Indiana Ave.

They arrived around 10:30 AM and I introduced them to the farm and our mission. I knew right away that we would get a ton done. They all seemed to connect to our message and were eager to get started. The first thing we tackled were the weeds in the raised beds around the tree canopy. It was an easy thing to get started on and we talked about where everyone had come from. There was also talk of the evil agricultural giant Monsanto and how their GMO seeds negatively effect plant diversity. That conversation didn't last too long because no one wants to get to stressed working at the farm but it was good to know that people are starting to perk up about food security and abuse of corporate power.

Next we rolled out the fencing for the beans to grow on in the next couple of weeks. It was difficult to cut the wires especially when I dropped the clippers in the grass and couldn't find them for thirty minutes. I felt crazy and even went to a neighbors house to get another pair only to find that they were just lying in the tall clover. We were able to put the fence up and I learned a valuable lesson of keeping your tools in one place while working on projects.

While we were doing that the others were pulling up woad from the back of the farm that the women from Ask Apparel planted a couple of months ago to make dye with for their clothing. Woad is also used by the Chinese for tea for health reason but they call it Ban Lan Everyone was making jokes with the word woad. I will refrain from saying one because most don't translate well in this medium but it kept everyone in good spirits towards the end of the day. Thanks to everyone who came out and to the Bradley/Bellos for wire cutters.

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